Applications for small businesses

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Thanks to our advanced production technnology we may quickly release applications tailored to your specific needs at almost the same price of general purpose applications. Your applications may be enriched with artificial intelligence and with chatting/speaking Bots.

90% of the application code is created by assembling customizable predefined modules with code generators based on artificial intelligence techniques. This enable us to develop the whole code quicly and at a considerably lower cost while focusing on the most delicate parts of the application.

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Some of the applications we developed

  • Trucks/Buses/Ships arrival/departure services

    Trucks/Buses/Ships arrival/departure services

  • Remote selling points: data collection and analytics

    Remote selling points: data collection and analytics

  • E-Commerce warehouse

    E-Commerce warehouse

  • Courses design tools

    Courses design tools

  • Projects monitoring

    Projects monitoring

  • Social-like chats/interfaces

    Social-like chats/interfaces