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5-7 days course (8h/day). MVC Core is a multi-platform porting of classic MVC. It’s a complete rewrite and reengineering of the product, meant to increase performance and modularity. Its homogenous design is founded on a few simple concepts like Dependency Injection, Middleware Pipeline, and the new options framework. The new providers and model binders architectures have been optimized for modularity and ease of customization.

Its extreme modularity and simple design makes easy to run core also on small machines like Raspberries, and to take advantage of Docker containers, and of cloud Microservices.

Since at this point the whole echosystem of products and open sources converged to the new Core, Mvc Core is the right choice for new projects, or for companies that would like to modernize their web applications.

Prerequisites: C#, basic JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and Html 5. If needed, we may arrange a custom course to meet all prerequisites.

Basic topics (5 days)

  • Mvc paradigm: Controllers ViewModels and Views
  • Razor, and tag helpers
  • Model-binding
  • Client-Server validation
  • Startup class
  • Dependency injection, options framework, and configuration
  • Using, and defining middleware
  • Using Entity Framework, and Migrations
  • Routing
  • Controller filters
  • Authorization and authentication
  • More tag helpers
  • Authentication with external providers
  • Partial Views and View components
  • WebApis and bearer tokens
  • Testing your applications
  • Deploying your applications
  • Web applications security

Advanced topics (2 days more)

  • Areas
  • Authoring custom tag helpers
  • Custom model binding
  • Custom formatters
  • Application parts

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