Data layer


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5 days course (8h/day). Modern cloud infrastructures offer several types of support for data storage, and for each of them, various options of redundancy and geographical distribution.

In this course you will learn how to choose the best options for each of your application needs and how to configure them. You will learn also how to connect your .Net / .Net Core application with the chosen storage media following best practices. In particular, you will learn how to interact with Sql Server, Sql Azure, MySql, CosmosDB and Redis.

Prerequisites: C#, basic Sql.


  • Entity Framework based data layer
  • Aggregates and Domain Layer
  • Migrations
  • Command Query Responsibility Segregation
  • Repository and Unit of Work patterns
  • Adding Sql server/MySql server to your application
  • Configuring Sql server and MySql server on Azure
  • CosmosDb basics
  • Configuring CosmosDb
  • Interacting with CosmosDB through Entity Framework
  • Interacting with CosmosDB through its native client interface
  • Caching data with Redis

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