Remote offices data collection and analytics

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Remote offices data collection and analytics

Collects information from geographically distributed computers for analysis and visualization purposes. It is possible to send commands to multiple remote points from the central computer and to consolidate the returned data.

This software offers a solution for connecting Windows computers of different companies that can't be part of the same network but must be kept completely independent while interacting just in a very limited way.

The solution offered by our software is limited to the case there is a single master computer that sends commands and information to several clients, and receives consolidated data it can use for statistics and analytics. Clients can be either servers or small machines with the only constraint they are connected to Internet.

Possible applications include but are not limited to:

  • Handling sale points in a franchising.
  • A supplier that would like to update automatically its customers products databases, and, at the same time, would like to collect statistics on sales.
  • Coordinating distributed help centers that are handled by different companies.

All clients need to install our client application and to connect their software with it through messages written in the file system (if needed, our company can implement all needed software). Our client application takes care of the interaction with the master while ensuring the master can perform only the operations that have been decided.

Data collected by the master are displayed in a map, as shown below:

root level map

Map is hierarchical. The user can zoom-in the details of a specific area, and then he/she can return to the previous level of detail, as shown below:

leaf level map

Clients are placed on the map by geolocalizing their addresses:


The master application allows the definition of both immediate commands and periodic/timed commands. Commands can be sent to a single client, to all clients or to a group of clients. We have defined a simple language to define the commands you needs. The system comes just with the predefined commands needed to manage the system.

Batch of commands can be esily defined in an Excel spreadsheets and then loaded in the master application that takes care of dispatching them at the right times and to the right clients:

loading commands

Commands syntax is accurately checked and detailed error reports help the user to correct the command files. Moreover, we can implement a software for creating easily the commands that solves your needs with an easy to use graphic interface.

The application consists of a Windows service to install on all client machines and of a Web application that contains the logics to process command files, the logics for defining users and handling permissions and the logic for displaying statistics on the map. We personalize it for the your specific needs by adding your specific variables.