AI Rule Based Systems

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4-7 days course (8h/day). Learn how to add artificial intelligence to your web applications: rule based systems that simulates human reasoning and logical inferences, and Bot Framework to handle converstions with humans using the most popular chat systems.

Prerequisites: C#. If needed, we may arrange a custom course to meet all prerequisites.

Baisc topics (4 days)

  • Facts, rules and forward reasoning
  • Pattern matching
  • Rule based systems on dotnet and dotnet core
  • Defining rules with fluent syntax
  • Knowledge engineering basics
  • Rules dynamic loading
  • Extending rules syntax
  • Creating rules at run-time

Bot framework (more 3 days)

  • Key concepts
  • Handling messages
  • Dialogs
  • Handling conversation flow
  • Speeching bots and skype calls
  • Managing user data
  • Adding Azure search

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